Team Building


Team Building

“Welcome to the Ibex Sports & Leisure Club, the one-stop destination for Group Events, Corporate Events, Team Building Activity Days, Company Away Days, in fact any type of event involving lots of people……and loads of fun!”

We pride ourselves on arranging exciting, imaginative and unforgettable events to suit your budget and requirements, whether it’s a day out with a group of friends, a morale boosting event for the staff or an experience day for clients and business partners. We have access to a mind boggling array of activity days and events, which can be tailored to your needs.


Your event could include once in a lifetime experiences, or quirky and unusual activities. A typical group event might include a spot of blindfolded climbing, broom hockey and jigsaw puzzle. Or you could combine adventure sports such as rock climbing, rope crafts and ball sports.


Our Event Organizers have years of experience in sourcing and arranging activities for groups of all sizes, requirements and budgets, at the best possible price. Once we know your basic requirements you will be assigned an Event Organizer who specializes in that type of event and will be your point of contact from that moment on. They will discuss options, help you decide on the format for your day and then provide a cost proposal for your event. You may find one of the more popular events fits the bill nicely, or you may prefer to add your own twist.


  • Sport Climbing on artificial climbing wall – Complete with safety equipment and instruction
  • Rope courses and Crafts
  • Team-building Games with facilitators
  • Lunch, Dinner and High-tea (live)
  • Camp ground, Showers and changing room
  • Concert and activity arena

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